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From Social Media Strategies to Online Sales Funnels that drive paying customers to your door, our mission is to generate the leads you need to grow, grow, grow your business! 

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We identify what makes your company strong and unique within the market space you are working within, and strengthen that brand presence with effective messages and visuals. Further, we explore opportunities within your marketing, sales and customer service processes to further enhance the brand all in the interests of making you stand out in the minds of prospects and customers, alike. 

Social Media Strategies & Coaching

We strategize to find the best prospects to attract through social media channels and advertising, and create targeted messages to get these quality buyers into your sales funnels so that you see real results. Also available, we coach business managers and employees how to use their social media effectively to mobilize your whole team to generate leads.

Competitor Research

We research your competitors and the market space where you are selling to identify best practices, opportunities to stand out, and your position of strength in the the market place.

We then make recommendations on how to strengthen your brand, identify your USP and create a memorable brand that occupies its own unique spot in the minds of your prospective customers.

Market Research

We hit the streets (or businesses) and find the type of people who best represent your prospects and find out what they really are thinking: what are they looking for, what problems are they trying to solve, what makes them react and take action. Anything you need to find out to really tailor your brand, and ultimately enhance your marketing messages, to the right prospects in order that your voice gets heard no matter how crowded the space may be. 

Amazon Launches
& Ad Management

From ungating products to launching new Amazon businesses or products, we have you covered with customized services. Our launches include researching top competitors, building your new product listings and implementing key word research.

As experts is Amazon advertising we set up and test your Amazon ad campaigns to target the right buyers with the right type of ads at the right time.

Book Launches and Amazon Publishing 

Authoring a new book? We can help you design a book cover to disrupt your target genre based on competitor research, find your bestseller opportunities​, set up your pre-sales and even handle your book launch on and off Amazon for maximum exposure and readership!

In addition. we offer PR and book promotion to get you on radio, onto popular podcasts and speaking gigs to promote your book on a grand scale.


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