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Expand Your LinkedIn Connections by 5,000 to 10,000 Professionals Per Year

More than 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business.

I can say with 100% certainty that your next best client is somewhere on LinkedIn! Because you are allowed to connect with up to 30,000 people on LinkedIn, I know that this represents your largest opportunity to develop new business, second only to referrals. With more than 700 million members on LinkedIn, more and more brands are using LinkedIn as a marketing channel to network, connect, and develop new clientele.

Imagine Connecting With 30 Professionals Per Day

Connecting with your best audiences is what networking is all about. And when I say your best audiences, I mean the people you want to focus on based on:

  • Their industry

  • Their position within the company

  • Geographical areas, down to the zip codes


Networking isn't just how many people you connect with, but how many IDEAL people you connect with, will add value to, as well as collaborate with on all types of ventures.

When leveraged intelligently, you can grow your ideal connections on LinkedIn at 25-35 per day, by sending out LinkedIn’s maximum of 100 invitations per day.

Based on years of experience, about 30% of those that you send an invitation to will accept it.

Moreover, you can then add their email addresses to your database and CRM which allows you to conduct the most successful brand building activity known in the marketing world - emailing them valuable content!

Valuable content + email + sharing it also on LinkedIn = Brand Building

Our People Do All The Connecting For You

Do you really have the time to sit at a computer - every single day of the week - and send 100 invites a day? Do you have the additional time to respond to those who do connect? Moreover, do you have the time to gather all their email addresses, individually, and then add them to your database? And can you conduct this activity EVERY SINGLE DAY for years and years?

99% of the professionals I know cannot or will not do this vital activity on a consistent basis.

This is where the power of an affordable assistant doing this for you becomes an unfair advantage for your branding and list building. 

Email Marketing Is A Brand Builder

The simple truth is that most companies don’t know how to use their list at all or correctly. They don’t have a process or a system, and that’s the primary reason business owners state that email marketing doesn’t work. The fact is, if you do it wrong, email marketing doesn’t work. That’s why we teach you how to do it right. Doing it right is all based on sending them valuable, easily assimilable content. Moreover, this is the same content that you can share to your contacts through your LinkedIn posts.

Simple Formula:

  1. Grow your targeted, ideal connections on LinkedIn. Go from hundreds to tens of thousands of connections in a matter of years.

  2. Build your email database from this activity, as well as your social contacts on LinkedIn.

  3. Create valuable, actionable content. I will show you how!

  4. Distribute this content through social sharing and email marketing. You can have the virtual assistant handle this activity for you, if you decide to do so

  5. Repeat every day, for years and years.

  6. Watch your inbound leads and sales grow!


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