About Us

The people behind Green Dragon Communications

Green Dragon Communications was borne out of the 2020 quarantine, when two entrepreneurs decided to team up and create a company dedicated to helping other businesses rise and from the economic troubles of this time.

Financial freedom can only occur when we work together to help all the good people of Earth to flourish and prosper. 


Our company’s name pays homage to the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, MA.


Coined by Daniel Webster as the “Headquarters of the Revolution”, the original Green Dragon Tavern served as the general meeting place and think tank for events that would eventually shape our great nation to this day. 

Over two centuries ago, Samuel Adams, Dr. Joseph Warren, Paul Revere and other notable Founding Fathers met in secret at Green Dragon Tavern to discuss the events of their day and organize calls to action. Used as both a tavern and meeting space, the Sons of Liberty, Boston Committee of Correspondence, and the Boston Caucus met to assess and respond to issues faced by a growing nation and its people under tyrannical rule.

These meetings led the Sons of Liberty to host one of the most famous tea parties in history on December 16, 1773, the Boston Tea Party. These secret meetings also led to the departure of Paul Revere on April 18, 1775, from the Tavern, on his famous midnight ride to Lexington and Concord to warn Patriots that the “British are coming” to commandeer their weapons and capture John Hancock, Sam Adams and other militia leaders.


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